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The Destructive Character


Boy at his own birthday party. Boredom.

Tepid orange juice from granny’s old glasses brought out at every birthday and religious occasion to signify special.


Empty room, balloons and paper seeming napkins but nobody or thing in sight of importance. Garden outside looks more cozy than the room, blue sky, luscious green shrubs, more suited to the boys birthday.


Birthday cake made especially, rounded, with four fiendish shaped monsters sitting on the top in a circle back to back. Two dots as eyes and a smile etched underneath, prevailing in a moon face with an amateurs touch.


Creased shirt, with an overlayed blazer and trousers. Community garden. Sales.


number one, calling calling number one. fourty three, four and three, forty three, twenty eight,

anybody have twenty eight.....

Bingo. Intention not within the communal aspects of the plot but the Play.

A grid formation.


[Growing gardens]


Pork crackling. Cold.


Peachy meats pushed up against the glass - domino effect.

brown tiles with a sand grain patterning in situ - a sign with gold italic font overtop reading ‘La Mejor’ (The Best)

More red than pink polystyrene trays


One of those. Thanks.

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